I've never thought that my working life, which I had suspended for a long time to grow up my kids, would be this much fun but at the same time difficult as well.
Being a person that had been away from working life for 20 years, I was really a stranger to new technologies and office equipment !
But I was determined. In one way or another, I had to succeed.

Lastly I had taken courses of jewellery design for 1,5 years. It was both fun, creative and a space-saving activity that I could perform at home. After all, ladies had not given jewelleries for ages. My target audience was already formed :)

I started my task by trying to find out what I could do.
1- It had to be a work that I could do without leaving home.
2- I had to be able to carry on my housework at the same time.
3- I had to learn how to use a computer for my purposes as fast as possible. Though, learning alone was not sufficient for my cause, I had to develop my skills to a level that I could figuratively dance with it :)
4- Even beyond that, computer alone was not enough, I had to learn how to use a scanner, a printer as well how to send and receive e-mails as well.
5- Ok but what about photo editing softwares, taking photos of my products and being able to attract customers' attention by promoting my product with it ? ... Believe me it wasn't easy at all. It is not easy even after 5 years; I still study, read, learn and make progress. In this sense I liken myself to a medical doctor. As you know they constantly have to read and catch up with the contemporary developments in their field.
6- To decide on what kind of jewelleries to craft is another problem. Because it's one thing to craft a jewellery, and converting this hobby into a profession is another.
What does a customer like, what kind of items are sold easier, which model is one that can be preferred by everyone ?
And what about the materials ? Should I keep them cheap to profit from quantity or should I work on more expansive, sophisticated models ?
7- After finding answers to all these questions, finally it comes down to find customers. Now the work gets even more challenging.
There are some websites which help you sell your products and work on comission. Or of course you can build a website of your own and sell online. And of course, it is possible to make sales through your friends, relatives etc.
Let's say you've finally made yourself popular. Then you face customers that want to buy wholesale.
Allright, now it's time to start making your brand heard abroad ! But what now ? You realize that speaking a foreign language does not mean that you can sell your products to where that language is spoken. You have to learn about their traditions, habits, preferred materials, price policies ... to put it briefly, you have to learn a whole new culture.
8- Wholesale dealers are usually foreigners or those who come from abroad. Going through all the procedures of invoices, customs, taxation, you suddenly find yourself having established a private company of your own, being a citizen that pays taxes.

Do not underestimate the concept of homeoffice. It is a process that needs serious working hours, one that covers your entire day from waking up until going to bed.

That's all for now :) I will mention other points too in my following articles.


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